Tuesday, October 20, 2009

pln 16

In the Denver Post blog was about the boy who supposedly got stuck in a weather balloon and gets dragged around Colorado. The six year old boy who was in the balloon was not in the balloon and authorities thought that he must of fallen out during flight but later he was found in the attic of the garage in a box. Just this little flight caused so much commotion around Denver area such as they had to shut down all the flights going west from DIA (Denver International Airport). I was so worried for the child but when I found out that he was in a box in the garage I was angered because there was so much work that went into trying to find the balloon and there was no one in it wow. The latest news about this story is the police and investigators know that it was a hoax just to try to get the family there own TV show. Finally I think that the family is very sick and twisted by doing this just for publicity.

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  1. Yeah definitely. What a disrespectful act, and such a shameful one also. They made a lot of different men and women worry and search for nothing. As you said, how very sick and twisted. What do you think makes people come to these twisted decisions?