Sunday, April 25, 2010

PLN 22

The article "20-car pile up closes I-70 west of Frisco" on the Denver post talks about how there was a 20-car-pile up has eastbound Interstate 70 closed just west of Frisco at mile marker 198. At least three people are being transported to Summit Medical Center with injuries. Severe weather and snow conditions have caused problems for the area much of the afternoon. This matters because it it showing that our Colorado roads should be safer. This accident could of been stopped if CDOT would have closed the roads earlier because it was giving them troubles.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

PLN 21

In an article on the Denver Post Called "Starbucks gun policy draws protesters in Denver" by Yesenia Robles is about how Starbucks coffee shop is allowing for guns to be in the store. Protesters came to a Starbucks and held up sings to go against this rule. I agree with the protesters and i think that Starbucks should just fallow the law that the state of Colorado has. This matters to the me because i think that more violence can happen because Starbucks is encouraging people to fire shots.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

PLN 17

I read an article from ESPN website called “Tiger's sponsors ready to profit” by the Associated Press that wrote about Tiger Woods getting back some of his sponsors, I think that this is insane. Tiger Woods should lose all of his sponsorships in my opinion because what he did was incredibly stupid. He lost many of his sponsors including Gatorade and Gillette, the shaving cream. It is said that Nike is going to feature Tiger Woods in one of their upcoming commercials but that has not been confirmed. It says he was the first golfer to earn 1 billion dollars but also said that he lost many of his top endorsements. What matters about this article to the world is many previous fans are going to be even madder that he is getting some of his endorsements back when he really shouldn’t.