Sunday, August 30, 2009


This activity that our class did with the girl’s class was about girls in colleges in 2006 and how women are better in grades. I thought the article that we read was biased to the men because the article said that women got better grades, that men don’t try and they're all bad at school. I think that’s wrong because not all men are like that. Men are mostly in sports and they have to have good grades to play. For example in Arapahoe High School you can't play any type of sport if you have a D.These are the reasons why I think people shouldn't assume about that men get bad grades in school, and I can’t stand it when people do this because I think it's wrong.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


The video, "Did You Know?" by Karl Fisch made me realize what matters to the world, education, and me. One of the things that struck me the most was how advanced the United States is in technology and how far other countries are behind the US. Also, I was surprised that China is soon going to be the biggest English speaking nation in the world. I think that Arapahoe students are very lucky to have such a good staff and technology because anywhere else you go you don't get to use laptops in class. I think that is such a good resource because it keeps us updated in our world. I loved that video because it taught me so much about what's around us and its good to pass it on to other people.