Thursday, December 10, 2009

PLN 28

What is up with the whether in Colorado i read an article in the Denver Post called warmer weather on the way by Kieran Nlicholson talking about how warm whether is coming. Reading this made me think why do we have such strange weather in Colorado. Me personally i do not like it because it could be eighty one day and fifty the next and i am more of a hot climate kind of guy. In the future i have to find out why we have such weird weather conditions in just Colorado because now i do not know.

PLN 27

The article that I read on the ESPN blog named Pitcher faces misdemeanor charges by the Associated Press talked abut the best or one of the best pitchers in the major league Tim Lincecum getting caught for marijuana position. The star pitcher has pulled over for speeding and the policeman search him and found marijuana in his pocket. This is just another example of how some big name players think that they can do whatever they are full of them selves. In my opinion i think that this is another bad example for the people that looked up to him why these people do bad stuff when there life is already set for them i do not know but i don't like it.

PLN 26

Is major league baseball fair because many people disagree and it shows by the statistics of wining in some teams than the other. one example is the New York Yankees how they make the game unfair is by having too much money so they can just buy the best players so they have the best team right now the Yankees probably have eight of the best players in the top 35 in the MLB.How they gain so much money i don't know but something needs to be done about it because one team is just going to dominate the lead and nobody wants to see that.

PLN 25

The article Bowls? whiten by the Associated Press talks about how if there should be playoffs in college football instead of bowls. Many people have talked about this argument such as the president many college football sports annalist.They all have said that there should be a playoff because having bowls never tells you which team is the best because all the good teams never play each other.I think that there should be bowls because it will improve the game in the college level because it shows which team is the best.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

PLN 24

In the article that I read by Dan Rafael on the ESPN blog talks about Manny Pacquiao fighting Floyd Mayweather jr. these two boxers are the two best that there is in this era their records are (50-3-2, 38 KOs) and (40-0, 25 KOs).This relates to every big boxing fans because they have wanted to see this for a while. Also this could bring big publicity to the sport , because the sport is lousing fans and money which they need a lot in this economy.