Wednesday, February 24, 2010

PLN 11

I read an article titled “Selig eyeing HGH test in minors” by news services on the ESPN blog. The article talks about how HGH test are being done on every professional baseball player in the league. This testing that the league is doing means that there is no trust in the MLB since the Michel Report came out. The Michel Report is a Report that came out in 2006 that had a list of many suspected former players that used performance enhancing drugs. This matters to me because I like baseball and the statistic that come from the game. I think that performance enhancing drugs shouldn’t be use and strict rules need to be enforced like being suspended for seasons of being band from the game.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

PLN 10

I read an article on the ESPN blog named “Nuggets coach again fighting cancer” by Ric Bucher talking about the Denver Nuggets head basketball coach who had been cancer-free since prostate surgery in July 2005, found a lump on his neck about six weeks ago. A biopsy determined that it was a very curable form of neck and throat cancer, the head coach said that he will have to force himself out of some of regular season games. This matters to me because I love watching the Denver Nuggets and Coach Karl is the best thing in sports we have had in Denver since John Elway. I really hope that coach makes it because he would be a big loss to the fans in Denver.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


In the article “computer glitches delays Colorado unemployment checks” written by the Denver Post. The article talks about how a computer glitch happened and now the unemployment checks in Colorado will be given late, this shows that our society today and in the future relies too much on technology instead of the old fashion way. This matters to me, the world, and the community because we all take advantage of what we can do with technology. We take advantage by thinking that the technology will do things for us; when something happens with the technology we have no idea what to do. This is just one example and I think that we should know about the technology be for we use it.

Monday, February 8, 2010


The article Global Voices in Haiti: On Reconstruction on the Global Voices Online blog talks about all the people and countries that help the Haitians after the earthquake and how the reconstructions. Some of the countries that helped with the aftershock were Russia, Japan, America and many more privet donations this shows that we are in a caring world that people are wining. The reconstruction part is probably the hardest thing about the earthquake because you have to find all the people that became homeless by the earthquake and put them somewhere. This matters to me because I felt sorry for all the people that are homeless because of a bad natural disaster.