Sunday, May 9, 2010

PLN 28

I read an article called "Our boys are falling behind in education" By Dottie Lamm on the Denver Post talking about how Currently, up to 60 percent of the students at an average co-educational college or university are female. The majority of bachelors' degrees are now awarded to females in every racial and ethnic group. By 2017, the ratio of female to male college graduates will be 1 1/2 to 1. This means that boys are falling back For example, boys are far more likely to be held back a grade in fourth grade and then again in ninth grade, an action that promotes a suspension rate for boys that is twice as high as that of girls. This in turn leads to a male dropout rate of 32 percent compared to 25 percent for females. This matters because most boys are not dumb or bad a school, we are just lazy and do not try as hard in school as girls do. Boys falling back in school can easily be fixed by making single gender classes so boys are more comfortable with there class mates.

PLN 27

"Longmont officer shoots man suspected of assault" by The Associated Press is an article on the Denver Post about Longmont police officer is on routine paid leave after shooting and wounding a man wanted on suspicion of misdemeanor assault. Longmonts chief says police the officer shot the Brandon Duke in self-defense. The act supposedly happen because Brandon Duke shot at the police officer first with a semiautomatic rifle. This matters because it tells us that some police men can be very aggressive and if Duke really did shoot at the Longmont police officer the police officer did the right thing.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

PLN 26

"Santa Cruz police announce partnership with U.S. Immigration and Customs unit to fight gang violence" By Jennifer Squires is an article on the Denver post talking about unsolved gang violence, the Santa Cruz police turned to federal immigration agents for help in solving so homicides that have been going on.Carl Reimer is a 19 year old and he died April 17 after being shot three times by suspected gang members in a Westside park area no arrests have been made for this murder.There also are outstanding suspects in three other gang-related activities have not been caught yet. This matters because most of the gang members are illegal in the United States, and most of them think since its not there country they can do what ever they want and get away with it. this is a big problem already and if the U.S. does not do something quick lots of bad things are going to happen.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

PLN 25

The article "12-year-old boy hit by bus still in critical condition" By Kirk Mitchell on the Denver post talks about a 12-year-old boy who got caught under the wheel of a school bus he was trying to catch on Friday remains in critical condition. The fifth grader was taken to surgery to repair serious injuries to his pelvis, leg and foot. Diego Lemos pounded on the back of the bus and then fell underneath the rear wheel leaving him with horrible injuries to his legs and waist. No decision has yet been made whether any tickets or charges will be issued against the bus driver. I do not think that the bus driver should get charged with anything because there was no possible way that he could of seen the 12 year old kid pounding on the the back of the bus.

PLN 24

In the article "Dougco deputies hunting for carjacker" By Electa Draper on the Denver post talks about Douglas County sheriff's deputies are still searching for a suspected carjacker driving a 2001 red Ford Escape. The incident began with deputies pursuit of a stolen car around interstate 25. The man suspect sped off the police losing control and driving into a ditch at I-25 and Lincoln Avenue. The suspect ran away and then carjacked the Escape. The owner of the Escape was tossed out of her car and finished with only minor injuries. This matters because the carjacker is not dangerous and probably did not have bad intentions so why are the Douglas County police spending so much time to find the carjacker.

PLN 23

An article called "El Paso County deputy dragged 40 yards after traffic stop" on the Denver post talks about how an El Paso County Sheriff's deputy is recovering after he was dragged 40 yards by an SUV after a Saturday night traffic stop. Witnesses reported the deputy had stopped a dark colored SUV after an argument the officer reached into the SUV and the car sped away with the deputy hanging on to it for about 40 yards before the deputy fell. A resident found the officer laying in front of her house and called 911. This matters because we need to give our officers more thanks because they put there life out on the line for our safety everyday there out on the job.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

PLN 22

The article "20-car pile up closes I-70 west of Frisco" on the Denver post talks about how there was a 20-car-pile up has eastbound Interstate 70 closed just west of Frisco at mile marker 198. At least three people are being transported to Summit Medical Center with injuries. Severe weather and snow conditions have caused problems for the area much of the afternoon. This matters because it it showing that our Colorado roads should be safer. This accident could of been stopped if CDOT would have closed the roads earlier because it was giving them troubles.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

PLN 21

In an article on the Denver Post Called "Starbucks gun policy draws protesters in Denver" by Yesenia Robles is about how Starbucks coffee shop is allowing for guns to be in the store. Protesters came to a Starbucks and held up sings to go against this rule. I agree with the protesters and i think that Starbucks should just fallow the law that the state of Colorado has. This matters to the me because i think that more violence can happen because Starbucks is encouraging people to fire shots.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

PLN 17

I read an article from ESPN website called “Tiger's sponsors ready to profit” by the Associated Press that wrote about Tiger Woods getting back some of his sponsors, I think that this is insane. Tiger Woods should lose all of his sponsorships in my opinion because what he did was incredibly stupid. He lost many of his sponsors including Gatorade and Gillette, the shaving cream. It is said that Nike is going to feature Tiger Woods in one of their upcoming commercials but that has not been confirmed. It says he was the first golfer to earn 1 billion dollars but also said that he lost many of his top endorsements. What matters about this article to the world is many previous fans are going to be even madder that he is getting some of his endorsements back when he really shouldn’t.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

PLN 16

On the Denver Post Chris Dempsey wrote an article called "Nuggets clinch playoff spot", the article talks about how the Denver Nuggets a pro basketball team clinched a playoff spot in the western conference division. The Nuggets have made a playoff spot seven straight times and this year their looking to go far and maybe even win a championship. This matters because many people are probably going to be rooting for the team that s never won a series ad this year it’s going to be the Nuggets. This year is the best chance that the Nuggets can win a championship and I will enjoy it if it does happen.

PLN 15

I read an article on the Denver Post called "Univ. of Colo. considers 9 percent tuition hike" written by the Associated Press. The article talks about how the University of Colorado is raising their intuition prices, the prices can be raised from $572 to $7,018 a year and out-of-state students would pay $28,000, up $1,300. This matters to me and to the world because in four years I will be going to college and the tuition that they are asking for is a lot for any family to afford. What matters to the world is a lot of people cannot go to college because they can’t pay for it and raising the price is obviously not helping the cause.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

PLN 14

"Trooper's BAC level more than double legal limit" is article on the Denver Post by Jace Larson. This article is talking about how a Colorado state trooper was arrested because the arresting officer smelled a strong presents of alcohol. The trooper was taken in to custody and a test was done on his blood alcohol level. The blood alcohol level was more than double the legal limit at .194 when the legal limit is .8. All of the dirking that the trooper did was while he was on the job. This article matters because we are suppose to trust our officers to do their jobs and stop people that are breaking the law, Police men are not monitored while on patrol and who knows what they could be doing something can be done about this.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

PLN 13

In an article in the Denver Post "Jury finds Clark guilty in Darrent Williams" by Lindsay H. Jones. The article talks about how the police department just convicted a man named Willie D. Clark with the murder of the Denver Broncos player Darrent Williams. What I am so surprised about is Darrent Williams got murdered in 2007 and we are in 2010 now and the police just found the person that did the murder. What matters about this article is this is just one example that shows the American justice system is bad because if it takes three years to find someone guilty there’s something wrong.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

PLN 12

The article on the ESPN blog named "Villegas seals third PGA tour win" by the Associated Press. The article talks about Camilo Villegas a Colombian golfer that won one of the biggest PGA tournaments in the year by 4 four shots over Anthony Kim of the USA. People say that Camilo acted bold and that is what put him above his competition. What matters in this article to me and the world is he is form Colombia and that is where I was born and I am glad he is representing my country, which matters to the world because he is form Colombian, and Colombia is not a well known country and he is just making it stand out.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

PLN 11

I read an article titled “Selig eyeing HGH test in minors” by news services on the ESPN blog. The article talks about how HGH test are being done on every professional baseball player in the league. This testing that the league is doing means that there is no trust in the MLB since the Michel Report came out. The Michel Report is a Report that came out in 2006 that had a list of many suspected former players that used performance enhancing drugs. This matters to me because I like baseball and the statistic that come from the game. I think that performance enhancing drugs shouldn’t be use and strict rules need to be enforced like being suspended for seasons of being band from the game.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

PLN 10

I read an article on the ESPN blog named “Nuggets coach again fighting cancer” by Ric Bucher talking about the Denver Nuggets head basketball coach who had been cancer-free since prostate surgery in July 2005, found a lump on his neck about six weeks ago. A biopsy determined that it was a very curable form of neck and throat cancer, the head coach said that he will have to force himself out of some of regular season games. This matters to me because I love watching the Denver Nuggets and Coach Karl is the best thing in sports we have had in Denver since John Elway. I really hope that coach makes it because he would be a big loss to the fans in Denver.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


In the article “computer glitches delays Colorado unemployment checks” written by the Denver Post. The article talks about how a computer glitch happened and now the unemployment checks in Colorado will be given late, this shows that our society today and in the future relies too much on technology instead of the old fashion way. This matters to me, the world, and the community because we all take advantage of what we can do with technology. We take advantage by thinking that the technology will do things for us; when something happens with the technology we have no idea what to do. This is just one example and I think that we should know about the technology be for we use it.

Monday, February 8, 2010


The article Global Voices in Haiti: On Reconstruction on the Global Voices Online blog talks about all the people and countries that help the Haitians after the earthquake and how the reconstructions. Some of the countries that helped with the aftershock were Russia, Japan, America and many more privet donations this shows that we are in a caring world that people are wining. The reconstruction part is probably the hardest thing about the earthquake because you have to find all the people that became homeless by the earthquake and put them somewhere. This matters to me because I felt sorry for all the people that are homeless because of a bad natural disaster.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


On the ESPN blog there was an article named "South Carolina celebration cost" by the Associated Press is talking about when the South Carolina Gamecocks men's basketball team playing the top team Kentucky at home. South Carolina beat Kentucky the best team in college basketball and the students of the Gamecocks rushed the court in celebration to enjoy the win over the number one team. The students caused lots of damages and a 25,000 fine was given to the athletic department of South Carolina university. This matters to me because I hate when this happens because people can get hurt and its dangerous for the players and coaches. How to fix this is to hire more security around the court and enforce more fine to stop this.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


The Internet is one of the most power full things on the face of the planet and it changed how we learn information and how we communicate with friends. The facts that the Internet brings are interesting information that we will never know because we do not intervene with it in normal life; this makes me so much smarter than if i did not have Internet. Also with the Internet it allows us to talk to friends when they do not have phones, I like that because a lot of the time for me my friends are on the computer more than they're by their phones so it helps me out a lot. The Internet changed these two things the most for me because that is mostly why i use the Internet.


Wow, is all I can say about the situation in Haiti because the damage is so bad and the devastation that it has caused to the native people.I got an article named "Haiti's absent leader doesn't like to talk at all" from MSNBC asking the question: where has he been? This natural disaster has brought much sadness, and it has affected many of the people in America like Samuel Dalembert. Samuel is a professional basketball player who has been personally affected by the earthquake through the death of several family members. The main thing on my mind concerning the tragedy is where is the leadership of the government? They haven't done anything to help their citizens. I know it is hard, but you do get payed to get things fixed in your country so they need to start doing something and quick. This matters to me because I feel really sorry for everyone that was effected by the earthquake, I saw on CNN that a child was dragged out of a crushed building and he had been there for eight days with no food and no water.

Monday, January 18, 2010


In my Language Arts we got to chose a topic about injustices in the world and and I chose to do mine on how the college football system is unfair because it really dose not chose the best team. Many important people have spoken out against this like the president and lots of politicians; republican and democratic. You know its a big topic when those two parties agree on it. This matters to me because I love to watch college football and I am a big fan of the rankings but when it comes down to the end of the season it becomes unfair because sometimes the best teams never vs. each other and I don't like that. How I would fix this is by creating a playoff system between the top 16 teams so there can really be a champion.