Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Wow, is all I can say about the situation in Haiti because the damage is so bad and the devastation that it has caused to the native people.I got an article named "Haiti's absent leader doesn't like to talk at all" from MSNBC asking the question: where has he been? This natural disaster has brought much sadness, and it has affected many of the people in America like Samuel Dalembert. Samuel is a professional basketball player who has been personally affected by the earthquake through the death of several family members. The main thing on my mind concerning the tragedy is where is the leadership of the government? They haven't done anything to help their citizens. I know it is hard, but you do get payed to get things fixed in your country so they need to start doing something and quick. This matters to me because I feel really sorry for everyone that was effected by the earthquake, I saw on CNN that a child was dragged out of a crushed building and he had been there for eight days with no food and no water.

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